Backyard Chickens For Everybody! 

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If you can keep rabbits or guinea pigs as pets - why not consider a chicken or two!!! 

For the young and the young at heart, they can be very friendly, they are cheap to feed, they are low maintenance and provide you with eggs - what other pet can do that!

At Pick-a-chook we would like to provide people with the opportunity to keep their own chickens and to make ownership as low cost as possible, all while promoting our chickens as pets full of personality who will take no time in becoming part of your family!

Whether you have a suburban backyard or a large farm, chickens always pay their own way, they are super easy to keep, and contribute to a self sustainable lifestyle and property.  With the plight of hens that produce 'cage eggs' well publicised, why not keep a handful of your own chooks and know that your eggs are coming from hens that are happy and healthy.

Some of the benefits of owning chickens include:

  • Eggs of course!!!
  • Great for recycling vegie scraps.
  • Fertiliser for your garden.
  • Ability to grow your own free range egg business or just to supply friends and family with fresh and nutritious top quality eggs.
  • Teaching kids the values in caring for animals and the rewards that can come from good management and animal husbandry.


Ideally - the younger you purchase your chickens, the less the initial cost will be and you will have more time to bond with them.  Early handling of your pet chickens will ensure they are docile and friendly later on. Keep in mind though that young chickens require a little extra care in the way of additional heat sources in cold weather and a specialised diet (available as a complete feed known as 'Pullet Starter' or 'Pullet Grower') while they are actively growing.  All of this information is available in our Further Information section or advice can be sought by contacting us - we are only too happy to help a fellow chook lover!

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